• Free from GMOs, sugar, gluten and preservatives.
    • Easy to swallow, safe, non-carcinogenic and tamper evident.
    • Pure, clear and elegant appearance with no taste or odor.
    • Ingredients are sealed to preserve their integrity.
    • Ideal for improving the bioavailability of oil soluble ingredients.
    • Customers report reduced stomach discomfort when digesting softgels.
    • Resistant to heat and temperature fluctuations, making them easy to transport and store, even in hot climates.
  • Enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Consumers can expect fast disintegration and immediate nutrient delivery to produce a quicker onset of action.


Ozonated oils can maintain many of the benefits of ozone:

Ingesting ozonated oils can help promote overall gut and general health. With OZOVITA’s vegetable capsules, the natural healing properties of ozone are now captured in a supplement that you can take daily to help ensure your body’s ideal balance. Ozone can be useful as an antioxidant because of its oxygen content. It has also been generally accepted for its germicidal properties, which could be beneficial for the GI tract.


Our ozonated linseed oil vegetable capsules contain around 50% in Omega 3 oils (Alpha Linolenic Acid, or ALA) whose benefits for overall health, specifically for enhanced brain function, have been widely discussed in the literature.  In addition, linseed oil has been recognized for having beneficial effects on hair, skin and inflammation. The organic linseed oil is stabilized with Vitamin E (Tocopherols), which provides an additional layer of benefits for your health. As you may know, vitamin E is a wonderful antioxidant, which can guard your body from age or stress related deterioration.

The properties of ozone mentioned above can be preserved in ozonated oils, and can potentially complement the healthful effects of linseed oils

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