Dr. Eric Zaremski, DDS, OFM, FACE


Dr. Zaremski is a general dentist practicing In Marin County. He practices all aspects of dentistry with minimally invasive techniques. Ozone dental therapy is utilized in all patient treatments. Dr. Zaremski has sponsored and mentored many community dental days both in California and in the country of Belize, where hundreds of children and adults have been treated without cost.

Dr. Zaremski has co-authored a book on laser effects in dentistry and two articles on the uses of ozone in dentistry to help heal disease. Dr. Zaremski is the founder of a company that sells ozonated oils, ozonated products, assorted ozone equipment and supplies to various markets. Dr. Zaremski has authored a consumer book that incorporates all pertinent health data regarding ozone and dentistry, helping patients to regulate and improve their health. Dr. Zaremski is a highly regarded speaker who teaches domestically and internationally on the health benefits of ozone therapy and ozonated oils.




Mary-Lis Urueña, MBA, MALD


Mary-Lis Urueña is OZOVITA’S Co-Founder. Mary-Lis’ passion is to create and nurture new ventures, and her motivation behind OZOVITA is to make available the benefits of ozonated oils at a systemic level in a supplement form. Mary-Lis is also the Founder and CEO of OZOLABS, an ozonated skin care products company that offers the widest range of ozone skin care products in the market. Before founding OZOLABS and OZOVITA, Mary-lis worked at the United Nations, the World Bank and Goldman Sachs. At Goldman Sachs, she built a business in the Private Client Services department.


Mary-Lis holds a BA in Spanish Literature and Generative Linguistics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, an MA in International Relations from the Fletcher School in Boston, MA, and an MBA in finance with honors from Columbia Business School. Mary-Lis was the Founder and President of 85 Broads Spain (now “Ellevate”), where she is currently a Board Advisor. Mary-Lis lives with her son in Palo Alto, CA.

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